OTTAVIA (/ otˈta.vja/)

OTTAVIA is a feminine name of Latin origin meaning "eight" and was once the name of a Roman empress. In several cultures, the number eight symbolizes prosperity, infinity, and victory. Backed by centuries of charm and embodying powerful qualities, OTTAVIA is here to evoke feelings of quality and luxury.

The Brand

OTTAVIA is more than a brand - it is the essence of Italy. Each piece from OTTAVIA brings a touch of Italy into your life with high-quality, responsibly sourced materials to create timeless Made in Italy products. Embody the essence of the eternal city wherever you are in the world.

The Craftsmanship

At OTTAVIA, we work with local suppliers and artisans to produce Made in Italy products. Providing our customers with a higher level of quality, sustainability, and unique products.

Leathers are sourced from the food industry which reduces waste and instead crafts leather into a quality product. Leather is a natural product that, unlike PVC leathers, will not contribute to plastic pollution.

The Founder

OTTAVIA was created by founder and entrepreneur Victoria. She was inspired to create this brand after living between Toronto and Rome. With a background in beauty and luxury, she set out to combine her knowledge with her love for Italian leather goods. Spending her time between the two countries, she is able to work closely with suppliers and designers to create high quality and timeless products that are Made in Italy & Made for You.